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For Potential Advisors: Welcome to Our Branch Office

In today's world, it's difficult to find the time to handle current clients, attract new clients, and tend to all of the requirements of your independent financial practice.

Investor Securities Group, Inc. (ISG) is a full-service Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction (OSJ) firm.  In fact, Securities America, the independent broker/dealer (B/D) who partners with ISG to support our advisors, considers us a "Super Branch" due to the support capabilities and size of our firm.  The team of professionals at ISG began as Investors Security Company, Inc., an independent BD founded in 1964 who sold its assets to Securities America in December 2012.  Partnering with ISG offers a powerful, successful business model.  Today, ISG supports around 130 independent financial professionals.  You get to have the best of support and the best of independence!

ISG affiliated advisors are located coast-to-coast and operate their businesses from:

Home-based offices

Traditional office environments

ISG affiliated advisors operate their practices as:

Solo practitioners


Branch offices with multiple advisors and staff

Our ability to provide service and support is not restricted by an advisor's geographical or office location, or by the size of his or her practice.

Professional financial advisors face many challenges in trying to best meet their clients' needs.  ISG offers you a unique and valuable combination of an experienced branch-level support structure and a culture of independence.

ISG is an OSJ firm offering a full menu of services to support your:

Business operations

Customer service

Financial planning strategies

Compliance and Supervision

Business development and

Professional growth

We provide a wide range of support services aimed at helping you stay focused on your clients, minimizing the time and energy you spend on non-revenue producing activities.

Our goal is to serve as your primary point of contact on all business relating to the broker/dealer.  We provide the resources you need to process client business, review investment strategies, and remain compliant with industry rules and regulations.

ISG's friendly staff, broad and deep resources, and seasoned experience at supporting advisors can help you run an efficient, productive and enjoyable practice.  Call Chris Holloway at 757-809-4708 today to confidentially discuss how ISG can help you reach a new level of success.

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